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The Dancing Light is the second in a series of books created to facilitate dance making with children. The book exposes them to beautiful visual art, photos of diverse dancers demonstrating science concepts through their movement, and poetic verse and action words that help them understand LIGHT. By embodying this information, the student makes deep connections in their body, mind, to the world, and to the nature of light. This is an opportunity to learn by way of movement. Internalizing the information and imagery, students will gain a greater understanding of light and possibilities for creativity. Throughout the book there are questions that provide opportunities for children to find their own unique ways of moving.

The journey of the book follows the path of light: light found in nature, light that is man-made, the way light moves through reflection and refraction, its importance for plant life, and finally what happens when  light is blocked.

Each of the thirteen original paintings by the author combined with the photos of dancers can also be used as a tool for creating dance lessons in the classroom that enrich the study of LIGHT. Paintings set the stage for the creation of dances with different light concepts such as sunlight, bioluminescence, shadows, electricity, lightning, reflection, refraction, and more. ‘Tips for Parents and Teachers’ in the back of the book offer a simple set of suggestions for structuring a dance.

Everyone can find inspiration in the dance of light.

Here is what leading dance educators are saying:
"The Dancing Light takes the reader on an enchanting journey filled with colorful landscapes and whimsical images of the natural world! The book is brimming with movement vocabulary brought to life by dancing children! This is a perfect resource for Pre/K-5 dance educators interested in integrating dance and science into student dance making."
Ann Biddle
Director, DEL Institute – Teacher Certificate Program

"The Dancing Light is both a beautifully designed book for children as well as an inspiring lesson planning tool for teachers. The action words, visuals, and poetry on each page provide rich imagery for children to dance along with the book. Karen has found a way to connect academic content with dance concepts in a seamless and profound way.  This is a great book for families, caregivers, teachers and dancers to inspire dance making about the many aspects of LIGHT!"
Deborah Damast
Director and Clinical Associate Professor of Dance Education, NYU Steinhardt 


Publisher: Equus Potentia Publishing

Published: 2022

Pages: 38 full color

Trim Size: 11"x 8.5"

Binding: Hardcover

List Price: $21.99

ISBN: 978-0-9963919-4-8

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