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I Can Make a Water Dance is a beautiful journey of art and poetry that takes children through the water cycle to create dance.

The goal of I Can Make a Water Dance was to create a book that helps children make connections with the natural world and see themselves as part of it. The journey of the book follows the path of the water cycle from evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection. Throughout the book, dancer images are paired with a question that sets readers on the path to creating their own water dances. By observing images of water and translating them into their own bodies, children begin to make dance. Dancers magically rise out of the mist, curl like splashes in the river, and sail as trailing clouds. The images and dynamic movement words demonstrate how the various stages of water move and dancers are part of the action. Young listeners learn how to transform themselves into water actions and develop their movement and science vocabulary.
“[I Can Make a Water Dance creates]…beauty and opportunity to facilitate wonder and dance making with children…it would be a gem for all children and educators.”
Erin Lally
Director, Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) New York City
“Karen Diaz Ensanian has created a beautiful book that will delight readers of all ages. Captivating illustrations are superimposed with photographs of young dancers leaping and twirling through all the stages of the water cycle. Each lushly painted page has an accompanying poem and movement question that is sure to inspire young and old to create their own dances as they learn about precipitation, condensation, evaporation and more! I highly recommend this book for schools, libraries and homes. Movement is the key to learning!”
Anne Green Gilbert
Author Creative Dance for All Ages and BrainDance
Founder, Creative Dance Center and Kaleidoscope Dance Company, Seattle

available in print and e-book



Publisher: Equus Potentia Publishing

Published: 2021

Pages: 38 full color

Trim Size: 11"x 8.5"

Binding: Perfect, Softcover

List Price: $11.99

ISBN: 978-0-9963919-1-7

Binding: Hardcover

List Price: $19.99

ISBN: 978-0-9963919-3-1

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