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Indianola Informal K-8 School Author Visit

In November of 2023,  I was invited to do an author visit by dance educator Amy Williams Burczyk in Columbus Ohio at the Indianola K-8 Informal School. This progressive public school had used my book,  I Can Make a Water Dance, all last year as part of their curriculum and in preparation for participating in  the Global Water Dance Project. The children knew the book intimately and were able to talk about their favorite parts and ask very informed questions.


 When I got there I conducted a movement exploration class and two assemblies . They wanted to know how the books were made, difficulties I ran into and things I had to do to prepare.


I told them some of my performance history including being a dancer with Alvin Ailey repertory and various choreographers. Studied drumming with Babatunde Olatunji, purchased a camera and took photography classes, and finally studied painting with Ukrainian artist Maryna Bilak.

I loved the questions by the students, especially the one “why do I keep studying?”


Here is an answer to question that was later emailed to me:


You asked, why do I keep studying?


I study something every time I want to know more. I have a lot of curiosity and I like to learn about things in the world that I don't understand but they interest me.


I studied drumming because a long time ago I had a teacher who had a drummer and I loved it. The drum excited me and made me want to dance. I studied painting because I always wanted to paint. Once I learned about painting I could make my book project. 


Studying and learning about something I love is an exciting way to live life. The more I learn the more creative I can be and the more projects I can do.


Even when we get much older we can still keep learning!


I like your question Oliver!


Going to Indianola and being hosted by Amy Williams Burczyk was a wonderful experience. Amy is a talented, seasoned and creative dance educator. I will always treasure those memories.


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