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The I Can Make a Dance series is a set of dance education books that make science and nature more understandable through the exploration of movement.
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The books include photographs of diverse young dancers superimposed on original landscape paintings illustrating the various science concepts with dance. Each volume guides a creative approach to dancemaking. Though the target age range is Pre-K to 5th grade, they lend themselves to people of all ages and abilities. Families, caregivers, teachers, including dance teaching artists and non-dance trained teachers, are able to use these books as tools because of the simplicity of descriptive language and illustrations.

Here is what leading dance educators are saying:
"The Dancing Light is both a beautifully designed book for children as well as an inspiring lesson planning tool for teachers. The action words, visuals, and poetry on each page provide rich imagery for children to dance along with the book. Karen has found a way to connect academic content with dance concepts in a seamless and profound way.  This is a great book for families, caregivers, teachers and dancers to inspire dance making about the many aspects of LIGHT!"
Deborah Damast
Director and Clinical Associate Professor of Dance Education, NYU Steinhardt

"The Dancing Light takes the reader on an enchanting journey filled with colorful landscapes and whimsical images of the natural world! The book is brimming with movement vocabulary brought to life by dancing children! This is a perfect resource for Pre/K-5 dance educators interested in integrating dance and science into student dance making."

Ann Biddle, Director
DEL Institute – Teacher Certificate Program
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